Here’s why you should furnish your home with teak furniture

Anyone who looks into buying new furniture in Thailand will almost certainly come across teak wood.

Teak is among the hardest, strongest and most durable of hardwoods, making it perfect material for long lasting indoor and outdoor furniture.

Its history in construction dates back to the 1600s where it was used in maritime building and today is still used in construction of boats and yachts.

Aside from its strength and durability there are many more benefits to teak wood, none more so than its aesthetic appeal and a home furnished with teak furniture is one you’ll really love to live in.

Teak furniture is affordable and will last a lifetime

Furnishing any home can be a big investment, especially if you are moving into a new build property and face having to furnish the entire house in one go.

Because teak wood is so strong and durable it makes excellent indoor and outdoor furniture.

There are examples of teak furniture lasting centuries and given that a piece of teak furniture will almost certainly out last you, it’s a solid investment.

Weather resistant

One of the outstanding features of teak wood is that it is able to withstand all types of weather, humidity and moisture. It’s one of the few woods that contain a natural oil and its this oil that which enables it to repel water and moisture and also keep it from becoming brittle and cracking.

Outdoor furniture made from teak will be able to withstand the most severe rainy season downpour and intense sun experienced during the hot season in Thailand without diminishing or warping.

Resistant to pests

The same oils that occur naturally in the wood that help to protect it against adverse weather also act as a natural repellent against termites and other wood boring bugs.

Termites are all too common in Thailand and Hua Hin especially is recognised as a high risk area, which means furniture made from other types of wood are at risk from being damaged, particularly if not properly maintained or treated.

Low maintenance

Unlike other woods, teak is very low maintenance and doesn’t need any varnish or paint.

Even for teak furniture that is used outdoors, occasional cleaning with warm soapy water is normally all that is needed.

To bring it back to its original showroom condition you may consider applying a teak sealer or oil, which even that is often not required.

In fact, teak furniture is so low maintenance you make considerable savings on the money you would would have spent maintaining or even replacing furniture made from other materials.


Teak has an ageless beauty and timeless style and will remain a classic and stylish addition to your home.